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Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate, Herne Bay and Whitstable

We are a driving school that takes pride in knowing that we deliver "first class" driving lessons and give our students the skills that are needed to make our roads safe.

We believe that learning in bite-size chunks will give you the skills and experience you need to stay safe for the rest of your driving career.

Learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience and we believe that with our patient and experienced driving instructors we deliver this to each and every one.

BiteSize Driving School offers lessons at a pace to suit you and fit around your lifestyle. With our high first time pass rates, great reviews and our patience and professionalism, you can be assured you won't be disappointed choosing to take your lessons with BiteSize Driving School .

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    Friendly instructors

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    Help with Theory Test

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Welcome to BiteSize Driving School

Christopher Welch – Thanet

I’ve just passed first time and this was achieved because Sam is a Brilliant Instructor who is such a nice guy and full of so much knowledge. He would meet me at 6 in the morning for my lessons because of my work which made things so much easier for… Read more “Christopher Welch – Thanet”


Lotus Moran – Visiting Herne Bay

I want to thank Sam for his amazingly positive instruction. He is the best instructor I have ever met and I have met a few as have had a really hard time learning to drive. All that stopped the moment I met Sam, he is a really brilliant person, he… Read more “Lotus Moran – Visiting Herne Bay”


Steve Saker – Margate

First of all just want to say a massive thank you to Sam for everything truly the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend Sam as a driving Instructor and Bitesize as a company. Great prices, friendly service and always on time. Never had a problem what… Read more “Steve Saker – Margate”


Phil Darnton – Herne Bay

Sam is the man if you want to pass 1st time! An excellent… Read more “Phil Darnton – Herne Bay”


Alan Gillham – Broadstairs

I would recommend Sam Ghasemi to anyone learning to drive. Helped me pass first time and the lessons were really enjoyable, like driving with a friend not just an instructor. Thanks… Read more “Alan Gillham – Broadstairs”


Louisa Salhi – Whitstable

I have just recently passed my driving test with Sam and completed my Pass Plus with Sam who has taught me to drive in a way that really helped me progress and built my confidence up with driving. I know multiple people that have been taught by Sam and I… Read more “Louisa Salhi – Whitstable”


Stephanie Radford – Herne Bay

Sam is an amazing Driving Instructor, always on time or early will not let you down. I would definitely recommend everyone to go with… Read more “Stephanie Radford – Herne Bay”


Ollie Little – Whitstable

Absolutely brilliant driving instructor right here. Helped me pass first time in fewer lessons than i expected, and with such a relaxed friendly driving instructor every lesson was a pleasure. Pass plus was also really great fun just such an all round good driving instructor. If you’re looking for a… Read more “Ollie Little – Whitstable”


Megan Fitzpatrick – Herne Bay

I would definitely recommend Sam! He is a very calm and chilled character in which makes you feel relaxed and in control. I loved every lesson and progressed quickly, subsequently passed first time. Thanks… Read more “Megan Fitzpatrick – Herne Bay”


Daniel Robins – Ramsgate

I tell you what, if you want your driving licence then go to Sam. He is an excellent instructor and gives you all the correct information to be a good driver even after you’ve passed with him. Such a great guy and many many thanks to… Read more “Daniel Robins – Ramsgate”


David Orton – Birchington

Passed first time a while back with Sam. What a great guy, I honestly can’t explain how much I miss my lessons! As well as a brilliant instructor, a good friend to have! If you want to pass first time, Sam is the man! Also had a brilliant time doing… Read more “David Orton – Birchington”


Bethany Wale – Whitstable

I had Sam as an instructor and I couldn’t ask for a better service! All the lessons were booked around my schedule making it easier for me to pass as soon as possible. I passed first time with only 2 minors and this is down to the instructor. Being taken… Read more “Bethany Wale – Whitstable”


Lewis Beech – Herne Bay

Sam is a very good teacher and he has his own unique way of teaching people and I will be definitely recommending… Read more “Lewis Beech – Herne Bay”


Scott Whittaker – Margate

Passed first time thanks to Sam!! Lessons are well structured and Sam is a firm but friendly instructor. I cannot recommend him highly enough, teaches simple and effective methods, makes it all seem very easy. If you are looking for a great learning experience then Sam is for you!! Can’t… Read more “Scott Whittaker – Margate”


Tina Redfern – Broadstairs

Great Instructor, highly recommend to family and… Read more “Tina Redfern – Broadstairs”


David Tutt – Ramsgate

There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said already in previous reviews but want to thank Sam for being patient and believing in me even if sometimes I don’t believe in myself. He was always on time, friendly and through in all we did. Its been a pleasure… Read more “David Tutt – Ramsgate”


Tyler Mcdermott – Minster-On-Sea

Sam was recommended to me through a friend who he had passed 1st time, so I booked some lessons later to realise I couldn’t of spent my money in any other way. I did not regret it one bit, and by far the best driving instructor around. A very hardworking… Read more “Tyler Mcdermott – Minster-On-Sea”


Amy Schafer – Ramsgate

Sam is a brilliant driving instructor; always patient, encouraging and on time. He really helped motivate me to get my license quickly and his teaching techniques are… Read more “Amy Schafer – Ramsgate”


Harry Evans – Herne Bay

I just passed my test first time 0 minors! I would like to take this opportunity to say that’s Sam is a great teacher, easy to work with and has an extremely good understanding of the road and how to drive. But another great aspect is that Sam actually knows… Read more “Harry Evans – Herne Bay”


Hobie Clements – Westgate-On-Sea

Passed with Sam with 1 minor and it was down to a really good instructor, Sam made the lessons really relaxed and enjoyable which made learning to drive easier. Not only did I find Sam a really good instructor but a really good friend. Can’t wait for my pass plus… Read more “Hobie Clements – Westgate-On-Sea”


Shannon Lawrence Dennehy – Margate

Fantastic Instructor and a great bloke all round. Passed me and many others first time! Highly… Read more “Shannon Lawrence Dennehy – Margate”


Connor Nash – Herne Bay

Fantastic Instructor. Passed me and my friends first time, always on time and doesn’t let you… Read more “Connor Nash – Herne Bay”


Charlotte Carr – Whitstable

Sam is brilliant and very professional. Always early for every lesson and works through a programme so that you always know what you will have left to cover and how well you’ve covered each topic. With him I passed my test first time and went on to do my pass… Read more “Charlotte Carr – Whitstable”


Sophie Ellis – Ramsgate

Would just like to thank Sam for being such a supportive, caring driving instructor who pushes you towards achieving the best you can. He always makes sure you have confidence in yourself and does not judge you if you do something wrong. Also he is very flexible with his hours… Read more “Sophie Ellis – Ramsgate”


Jack Hollands – Minster-On-Sea

Sam is a great guy. Amazing driving instructor easy going and makes passing… Read more “Jack Hollands – Minster-On-Sea”


Ellie Surridge – Ramsgate

Sam is a fantastic Driving Instructor, learnt so much and so many different techniques. Definitely worth going to… Read more “Ellie Surridge – Ramsgate”


James Putter – Herne Bay

Sam really was such a great instructor, got through so quick! Couldn’t have asked for more, would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to pass quick and first… Read more “James Putter – Herne Bay”


Shannon Porter – Canterbury

Thank you Sam for being a brilliant instructor and having patience with me, considering I came from another instructor I thought I would never pass. Sam is very reliable and is great at breaking things down if you are struggling. Pass with no minors!! Would definitely recommend Bitesize Driving… Read more “Shannon Porter – Canterbury”


Charlotte Guise – Herne Bay

Sam is fantastic, he helped me through everything, and when I got stuck he broke it down into steps, set me reference points which I still use after passing my test! As I found his car so comfortable to drive I got one similar 🙂 I loved learning to drive… Read more “Charlotte Guise – Herne Bay”